Claude Alexander | vocals, keys, guitar, drums


Born in 1993 

2001-2006 Keyboard and premusic school

2005-2011 playing with the BASIX

2009-2010 RHS marching band pit percussion

2012 first place in a songwriting competition

2012 releasing the first solo album "darling"

2013 - 2014 playing with I PHORGOT IT

2015 instrumentalist with Raspberry Jamwood


Andrea Philipp | vocals, keys, bass, drums, mixing and mastering, songwriting

Born in 1993

2003-2010 Violin and premusic school

2005-2011 playing with the Basix

2009 taking bass lessons

2012 releasing first solo album "do you believe?"

2015 playing bass for the POCKETBAND



Our Influences

We both had multiple music phases starting from Greenday, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mumford and Sons, Metronomy, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, Jack Garret and the Eden Project. 

During the instrumental lessons we've picked up classics like Victor Wooten, Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton and many more. All those influences gave us insights to blues, folkrock, classic rock, jazz and electronic music. 

Our Goal

All the music and bands we love inspire us to pick out our favourites and transform them to our own music. All of this we want to achieve with one simple set up and two guys (us) messing around with our abilities and possibilities. All we have is a drumpad, a small synthesizer, a loop pedal and our guitars.
If we would have to explain what our music sounds like, we would describe it as an electronic indie pop. But you know, we are young and there will be changes in our vibes and goals.
 ALEXANDREA | Photoshoot by Lea B.

ALEXANDREA | Photoshoot by Lea B.

  How it all started...

Alex and two of his friends met at the young age of 12 to start a new band. Setteling in with a drumset and a guitar in the drummers basement, they were ready to start "jamming" when Andrea knocked on the door. Two minutes later he was part of the new band. Mixing rockriffs with half rap, half melodic singing they wrote their first songs in German. After a year, Andrea started to pick up the bass-guitar, while Alex brought his keyboard in. Developing their basic skills in arrangement, collecting first experiences on stage, they played for about three years until they changed the bands name to "The BASIX" and started recording on (if you believe it or not) an old record player. 

In 2009, Alex left for an exchange year to the USA, while the band kept on playing. During that time, he bought a guitar, which completed the Basix in its final form. Finishing college the band started to drift apart because of longer periods of traveling and the start of university. 

Andrea and Alex kept on sticking together, writing songs, filming videos and trying to start a collaboration project for over three years until finally Alexandrea was founded in 2016.